1. What is Caylink?
Answer: Caylink is an online money-making program based on shortened links and sharing. Members use Caylink to shorten long website links into short links and share them with the community, Caylink will pay for members income based on the total amount of access to these short links. See more at: <Publisher Rates>
2. Do I have to pay or buy anything?
Answer: Absolutely not. Caylink register is always free, without having to buy any goods. This is permanent.
3. How can I make money with Caylink?
Answer: There are 2 ways members can make money with Caylink:
- Method 1: Search for good content such as video, music, good articles, useful files ... shorten this link with Caylink and share the shortened link to websites, social networks, chat applications ... When If someone sees this shortened link, you will receive money.
- Method 2: See question 7.
4. Why does Caylink pay me?
Answer: Caylink sells ads to partners and customers on short links that members create. When users access these short links, users must see a 5-second ad and partners, customers will pay ads for Caylink. Since then Caylink used up to 85% of this revenue to pay members' income.
5. When can I withdraw funds and through what channels?
Answer: At 24 hours of the last day of the month, the Caylink system will automatically issue a withdrawal order if your forecast reaches the minimum withdrawal threshold. This withdrawal order will be processed by the 15th of the following month.
6. What is the minimum amount that I can withdraw?
Answer: The minimum amount that a member can withdraw to the account is: 10 USD.
7. Will Caylink pay me if I refer new members?
Answer: Yes. Caylink pays bonus for members when members introduce new members to join making money with Caylink. The referral bonus policy that Caylink uses is up to 10 levels of Affiliate so you can create yourself an unlimited and completely passive income. See more at: <Referal Bonus>
8. Is Caylink Multilevel Sales?
Answer: Caylink is not a multi-level sale program. Caylink does not sell any products to its users nor does it have any fees or investment requirements. Caylink is merely an online money-making program in the form of shortening links and sharing. Caylink uses a multi-tiered Affiliate model to help members earn more income by developing new members.
9. What is prohibited with Caylink?
Answer: The following are prohibited behaviors at Caylink:
- Owning multiple accounts. Each member can own only 1 unique account.
- Use tools, software, tips ... to create virtual access, fraud ...
- Speaking badly, defamatory ... Caylink.
- Tell the truth, cheat ... to recruit new members.
- Using the Caylink platform to commit legal violations.
10. Why am I locked out of my account?
Answer: Caylink will lock your account as soon as you realize your account has violated Caylink's policies or you have suspected and fraudulent behaviors. Caylink will probably unlock your account if you can prove your account is clean. Account reopening is optional and Caylink reserves the right to permanently lock your account to ensure the stability and security of the system.