Terms of Use

General information

This website allows users to shorten any URL and earn income by sharing shortened URLs. The advertisement will be displayed when clicking on the shortened link before reaching the destination page. When using the services of the website, you AGREE that the site will include advertisements on the shortened URLs, which is a mandatory element to the active site.


Once you use the Caylink’s service, you agree NOT to:

1. Advertise Caylink on traffic exchanged and PTC sites;

2. Place the shortened links on the sites containing potentially threatening, harassing, defamatory, profane content, any virus, Trojan, bomb appointment hours, programs that can destroy or contain software that may cause damage to the viewer or owner of website;

3. Shorten URL redirects to websites containing the content mentioned above;

4. Use the service for any illegal or unauthorized purpose, including and without limitation copyright content, child pornography, threats, insults, monitoring, abuse, harassment, or breach of the legal rights of any person or Legal personnel;

5. Generate fake/automated traffic of any kind to your link. This will result in your account being automatically terminated by our system. Manipulating our system to gain views is also not allowed. This includes iframe, redirect, bot, proxy, traffic exchange, email traffic, PTC traffic, hitleap, jingling, ... ;

6. Transfer files containing viruses, spyware, adware, trojans or other malicious code;

7. Spam any website, forum or blog with links of the website;

8. Encourage or entice users to click on your shortened links;

9. Open your shortened URLs by using iframes or popups/popunder;

10. Click your own shortening URLS to generate revenue. We have the right not to pay for the revenue generated;

11. Create a 'browser redirect loop' with the Caylink URL or similar services to generate revenue;

12. Create multiple accounts. An individual only creates an account on Caylink;

13. Interfere with other publishers who are using the services of the website;

14. Misuse of the communication system such as sending messages related to payments before the due date, threatening to change services or providing false or incomplete data;

15. Referral for yourself. We will permanently lock the account and do not pay any earnings when violating the policy;

16. Create shortened links with passwords to redirect pages to other destination links accidentally or intentionally.

We have the right to permanently block user accounts and not pay any income to our members if we detect any sign of violating the terms of use of Caylink!

If you have any questions, please contact us via email: [email protected]